This coming season sees the release of "Tribe Of One", a new acoustic album written by Anté, frontman of UK alternative rock act "Djevara". While the full band is usually known for it's high-energy, hardcore-punk-and-metal influenced progressive riffery, this year Anté decided to go back to his roots in spoken word and simplify down, challenging himself to try to write a record on acoustic guitar which could deliver the same power and to challenge the listener just as much as with all the noise.

The result, released under the banner of "Djevara (Redux)" (a spin-off project, related but quite distinct from the original band), is a thoroughly personal record, which in turns confronts and comforts, demands and questions, cries and wonders, shouts and whispers... across a wide tapestry of topics ranging from police brutality to suicide to loneliness to even questioning whatever it means to be an 'artist' today.

"Here one feels the artist really stands metaphorically naked, with 'no band to hide in front of' - only a direct audio line to the soul. On this record, which one can clearly hear is recorded mostly live, Anté delivers the words and music with trademark intensity and passion - it is at once raw, visceral and brutally honest. It's not always pretty, but it is often beautiful." - New Noise

Djevara (Redux) will be on tour across Europe in support of the release this November/December, playing a variety of intimate venues. As usual, the whole effort is completely D.I.Y. from start to finish; Anté and designer Yatsch also lovingly created all of the artwork. Audiences can expect music and words played and sung with utter conviction, delivering heart-felt artful ballads with a fiery punk beating heart.

The album is availble for pre-orders from BANDCAMP and is hoped to be released early in November (provisional release date 16/11/17).

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Djevara (Redux) - IMPRESS ME [#punkviddemo3] from DjevBunny on Vimeo.