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Djevara (Redux)

"Djevara (Redux)" - an acoustic sub-project which spun-off from Djevara a few years ago and has taken on a life of it's own since. It provided a vehicle which allowed Anté to pursure a gentler take on the essence of the band's message and has now become a unique and distinct act in it's own right.

It's birth was an accident: formed as a panicked last-minute solution to ensure the show went on when disaster struck. Now in full-flow with a life of it's own, "(Redux)" is still unashamedly heavily influenced by the popular "MTV Unplugged" series of the 1990s, and this stripped-down re-interpretation of "Djevara" allows Anté to re-visit his roots in spoken-word, the simplified set-up allowing the raw intensity to come to the fore and cast a different light on the themes in the art. The format varies - '(Redux)' may appear feature Anté solo or with other bandmembers (commonly accompanied by tréjon) and/or feature guest accompanying artists.