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WOW!  What amazing,  awesome support beautiful Djev’ fans shown, especially now for the new acoustic (Redux) EP “Blood, Sweat & Years”, which is raising funds to help those suffering in Yemen.  So just felt that it should be rewarded back, and so as a small “Thank You” – here’s a discount code for absolutely anything on our bandcamp site ( ).  Remember, Spotify, Youtube and other such streaming sites, while obviously convenient and ubiquitous, are massive rip-offs for small artists – it’s much more valuable and supportive to have direct support from fans.

You can use it to get 30% off any order, and it lasts until midnight Friday next week (though highly recommended to use it early if it’s for a holiday gift):

30% DISCOUNT CODE: djevmas2018

You make it all worth it : The Blood. The Sweat. The Years.  You’re amazing, thank you :)


PALMS video (punkviddemo #5)

PALMS [punkviddemo #5]

Video made yesterday evening, music from the new Djevara (Redux) album…




Message to the Tribe Of Many

As a good friend recently noticed, “WE are one”. THANK YOU. Whatever happens – it’s only ever been


ps a memory / a gift :
(free to download for all fan-club members, free to stream to everyone else  ;)  ) xx

Defend The Defenders

(Relates to THIS ARTICLE in The Guardian today )

FOUR. A. WEEK. !!! This situation really is getting more and more desperate by the day. One of my new songs recorded for the upcoming Djevara (Redux) record is in honour/memory of award-winning environmentalist Berta Caceres, an absolute inspiration and a huge heroine of mine, who was ruthlessly assassinated in Honduras last year. While our society teaches us to praise and honour most highly those who are paid to go and bomb and kill people in countries most of us can’t even reliably place on a map, for reasons none of us fully understand, these true heroes and heroines risk their lives everyday without glory, desperately trying to defend their lands and the earth itself from the devastation caused by international greed and post-colonialism, ranging from the now desperate defence the lungs of our planet, the rainforests, to the depopultation and pollution of our oceans and reefs, to the destruction of natural eco-systems and habitats due to insatiable palm oil production, to the defence of lands from yet more dangerous pipelines or fracking, and on and on in seemingly inumerable critical ecological crises. I’ll be continuing to try to use whatever platform I have through my art to raise awareness of and support these amazing people and groups who are our last line of defence in what may be the only true war that matters anymore. We desperately need to wake to what’s happening; this isn’t about pretty fields and nice flowers and cute orangutans; it’s about survival and values. If they lose, If WE lose: we ALL lose. I just pray that we won’t have to learn the hard way the truism: we can’t eat money and we can’t drink shares.
ps if you are interested in booking me for benefit concerts in support of any of the issues highlighted, please get in touch. I am hoping to be much more active in this and other areas of concern this year and in supporting as much as I can. Thanks! x

Reduced To This… TOUR

Reduced To This… acoustic Djevara (Redux) Spring Tour 2017

Next: show #800

Next: Show #800. Yup, when I step onto the stage at AZ Köln on Tuesday, it’ll be for the 800th time with this band. Not bad for an outfit all of whose members need to maintain serious “day jobs” (of sorts) to pay the bills (and repair the gear). It’s particularly fitting – and *awesome* – that it’s to be in my “adopted” home town, a place tied to so many of the most important people in my life and, at AZ, a place very special to me, and the location of some the most memorable shows we’ve ever played as well as the source of some of my most treasured friends. Now, despite my degree I’m not usually one for numbers defining my life, but some milestones do make one take stock. This is far more relevant to me than just yet another birthday (I had very little to do with that particular event, apart from just surviving it*).
Over a period spanning well over a decade and numerous albums, I’m the only remaining founding member of a band that has seen numerous line-up changes**. Over the same period, we’ve seen most of our contemporaries disappear (though a very select few have conversely become immensely popular eg ASIWYFA, 65DOS, Reeps One…). We’ve continued to toil in the underground, flying low under the radar of whatever is fashionable, with perhaps the identifying thread being a commitment to artistic integrity, a DIY ethic and a promise to give 100% every single time. It is a path which has not resulted in either riches or popularity ( laugh/cry – delete as applicable ), but these were never the reasons I/we did it and it’s the only way it could ever have worked. We’ve played every kind of show imaginable – from mountain-top squats to university auditoriums, huge outdoor festivals to tiny bars in obscure villages, intimate acoustic shows to huge blast-outs lasting (by request!) over three hours. And yes I know, professional bands may have played this many shows in the last three years alone… but I can only say that to me, it feels like I’ve bared my soul on stage (or wherever) nearly 1000 times, It’s a lot, and each time it hurts and bleeds and cleanses and renews. And then again, the next time. Like some insane addiction. But hey… that’s what love is, isn’t it? My mother still thinks I’m crazy. She’s right, of course. So, even if it all ended after tomorrow, it would still be the project which has completely defined my adult life thus far; outside of my family, it has given me all the most important people and opportunities I’ve ever had, as well as demanded the highest personal sacrifices. But while from time to time I may question specific past strategic decisions (and sigh at the inevitable follies and naiveties of youth), I regret nothing about, in fact am really proud of, what we have achieved, the relationships we have formed, the amazing adventures we’ve had and, perhaps most, having what I genuinely believe are some of the best “fans” a band could ever ask for. It’s a cliché, but every artist knows what I’m talking about when I say that they make every sacrifice worth it. Particularly in the last couple of years, where I’m convinced we’ve been performing at our highest and most intense level ever, and I’ve genuinely often been overwhelmed by the feedback of people whose hearts have been open to receive what we’re trying to communicate- and often at a far deeper level than I’d realized would be possible from playing these weird punk rock songs. I’m so grateful to everyone who has been part of this crazy idea and thus made my life what it is today…

So, special thanks and drinks up to my band comrades-in-arms Malc and Geoff, our most favourite roady Flo, the uber-fantastic Dave Hollingworth (Dorje/Tuska) for producing our albums, and all those who are part of the extended Djevara family.  So, if you’re able, please come and celebrate and share this night with me, with us – to celebrate our past, our present, and our future – come shout. Come cry. Come dance. Come scream. LIVE = VIVA


*which, it turns out, was actually quite a close call. But a story for another time..

**amazingly, 17 people have played as part of the band live at least once since conception!

*** the photo is from the tribute post from my baby brother after we hit 750, which was almost enough to bring a tear to my eyes…

Don’t Bomb Syria

Don't Bomb Syria

Tonight, I suffered the curious and rare sensation of simultaneously feeling both immense pride and overwhelming shame, as thousands of us stood in the cold outside the UK House Of Parliament to make our protest against the government’s insane plan to join in yet another war. We stood and chanted, with our mothers and oldest friends beside us, we sat and “died”, we listened to impassioned speeches, we cheered and we jeered, we lost our voices and found other new ones, and in the end, as we heard the disastrous but almost inevitable result of the vote, we sat in grave silence for a minute – right there in the street facing Big Ben which we had taken over – in respect for the innocent people who will inevitably die as a direct result of British bombs. People who are breathing like you and me right now, but as early as Friday could be dead. Men. Women. Children. Breathless. Extinguished. The ‘terrorists’ themselves will be safe in their bunkers. And we will not be safer.

As I stood there in this emotional, passionate rally, as I did on Saturday, and have done many times before, two things occurred to me. The first was that it was suddenly graphically, emphatically clear how different the stakes were for us – the ordinary citizens – and for the MPs a few hundred metres away from us on the other side. They were inside a building behind bomb barriers, walls, fences, more walls, more barriers, and at least two rows of armed police. We were out there in the cold in Parliament Square. It was painfully clear that the police were there to protect THEM from US, their supposed employers, people whom they are supposed to represent (yes, it’s genuinely hard not to laugh/cry). Some of them had even had the gall to complain on social media at being “harrassed” by their constituents. As if we’d acted out of place, expecting our MPs to give a fuck about our views. And it dawned on me; of course they don’t care about the consequences; because they will never, ever have to deal with them. More terror for them just means an excuse for more power and more war and more surveillance and makes them feel even more important, whereas for us it means the genuine increased possibility of being blown to pieces or otherwise killed in our cities and streets by psycopathic killers, while we go to concerts or eat in restaurants or party with friends. They laugh at us; Tony Blair launched a war which killed hundreds of thousands on false pretenses, and was rewarded with the title of “Middle East Peace Envoy” and now commands a fee of £330,000 to give speeches. They laugh at us.

The second thing was how remarkably easy it always seems to be to generate support for bombing brown people, even with the poorest, most illogical of arguments. It was remarkable to see the distance between the corporate media – obsessed with beating the drums of war and disgustingly one-sided (especially in their attempted character-assassination of Jeremy Corbyn, for example) – and the fears and rationale of these ordinary, informed people. Here at the protest there was a really remarkable mix of Britons from all walks of life who cared intensely about the consequences of yet another war, both here and abroad. They somehow seemed to have digested the sad, sad lessons of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, all countries that we’ve seen obliterated within the last 14 years with the help of British bombs and are now still in perpetual states of war and chaos. While of course not everyone will agree with our arguments, it really was astonsihing that David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, could get away with writing off this whole section of the public as “terrorist sympathisers”. Let’s review: his plan to eliminate terrorism is to bomb a completely destabilised foreign, Muslim country from the sky and then hope a force of “70,000″ moderate fighters takes over and installs democracy. Moderate fighters which may include… er… up to 40,000 members of Al Qaeda. And they voted for this. Wow. And lest we forget, two years ago the government wanted to go to war in Syria ON THE OTHER SIDE – in other words, had they got their way ISIS would definitely be EVEN STRONGER THAN IT IS NOW. Now, of course I don’t believe for a second that the politicians actually believe any of the nonsensical reasons and lies they tell us, but there must be many ordinary people who do actually believe the official line in good faith. They must believe that, despite all evidence to the contrary and the ongoing increasing chaos in EVERY SINGLE OTHER COUNTRY WE’VE GOT INVOLVED IN IN THE MIDDLE-EAST, we will somehow be better off if British bombs start raining down in Raqqa. Since I don’t meet many of these people in real life, I was trying to imagine what a “DO BOMB SYRIA!” march/protest would look like, what kind of people would make it up. I very much doubt that most of them would be interested in – for example – spending even a fraction of the cost of the bombing on helping some of the refugees this action would inevitably generate. And I would love to know if, in their hearts of hearts, they really genuinely believe that the danger from terrorism in UK/Europe will actually decrease as a result of this military action. It’ll literally be a first.

My final words are for the poor ordinary, long-suffering people of Syria. The doctors, the teachers, the students, the mothers, the brothers, the train drivers. The forgotten people. I genuinely grieve. Having suffered under Assad, then the disintegration of civil war, then ISIS… they now have nine different foreign countries bombing them. What utter, utter insanity. Not for the first time, I’m genuinely ashamed of and completely disown the behaviour of our government. Dear Syrians, I want you to know that they definitely do NOT represent all of the people on this island; thousands, in fact millions, of us oppose them. We did everything we could (legally) do to try to stop them. I’m devastated that it was not enough, and as a result many of you have been guaranteed yet more suffering and impoverishment. I genuinely, deeply hope that the next few years prove us all wrong. That by some miracle, thousands of innocent civilians are not slaughtered by UK bombs, that “70,000 moderate troops” swoosh in and restore a wonderful flowering democracy, that all the Islamist groups are vanquished and nothing even worse than ISIS replaces it, that we won’t be standing outside parliament shouting “DON’T BOMB [NEXT COUNTRY ON LIST]” in a couple of years time, and that in five or ten years we’re all sitting in cafés in Paris laughing and saying “Ah, do you remember when there was that thing called terrorism?”. I’m being honest here – I genuinely, genuinely hope we are WRONG. PLEASE LET US BE WRONG. If, very unfortunately, this is not the result, then all I can offer is that I let them know – these warmongers – as strongly and as loudly as I could that all this violence is NOT IN MY NAME.

Peace to you, brothers and sisters in Syria, and know that we will not forget you, we will not give up the fight and we will not stay silent.



Life feeds on life, feeds on life…

When I was young I was obsessed with fractals.  They were cool in the 90s, but while most people were into “The Butterfly Effect”, I was more enchanted by the idea that nature had encoded in it a complex math which exhibited patterns which would repeat at any scale and any time.  I soon noticed that our personal and family histories also seemed to share this strange characteristic – sometimes cruelly.  I’ve been heartbroken this last two weeks to see my beautiful nephew and niece join me in the ranks of ‘The Fatherless’ at a shockingly young age, and while the details always differ in detail, this is an unfortunate and painful pattern that has yet ever to be broken in my immediate family.  However, just as life deals death it also always promises yet more life, sometimes as if by way of apology, and so at this time we find ourselves also soon having cause to celebrate, with the birth of the firstborn of one of our members.  Hope.  Dreams.  Death.  Life. So the cycle continues.  As always, I have found it difficult to express myself except through the arts – and so I’ve decided to dedicate all my artistic/creative output this year to these innocent young pioneers of life.  For what they teach us about what is important.  For what they represent in terms of who we are and where we are going.  For what they show us in terms of what is worth fighting for.  For what they reflect about us ourselves.

In recognition and acknowledgement of these major changes to our lives, we will not be conducting our usual Spring Tour.  Instead we shall be back later in the year – undoubtedly inspired and emboldened by what has transpired and what we have learned, of growth and healing, and fired on by our even greater responsibility for those to whom we one day hope to pass the torch.



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Re-affirming vows – A Gauntlet For 2015

“I understand that an artist is someone who in the midst of other’s silence, uses his own voice to say something and make sure that what he says is not useless, but something that is useful to mankind”
- Joan Miro

I have a confession. I started the first week of 2015 staring into the abyss of despondency.  2000 people from the homeland of (some of) my ancestors were brutally wiped off the face of the planet.  It was a noisy week in Europe, and so barely anybody noticed.  Even the president of that country himself still seems to have barely noticed (though he did find time to send his deepest regrets to Paris, the cad).  It was a week in which I watched in stunned silence as powerful, hypocritical world “leaders” took it in turns to feign deep beliefs in human rights and civil liberties for ordinary people, many of whom had been responsible for the suffering of literally millions, while without skipping a beat simultaneously exercised and made claim to further their own government’s powers in order to assert ever more draconian state authority in their own countries.  In our own country.  We watched, powerless, as discredited ideas based on hatred and mistrust that we thought long consigned to history continued their menacing ascent in new guises across the continent, as if we were stuck in some weird re-run of the beginning of the previous century, now in omni-colour.  All the while stuck in the madness of the age of the ‘War On Nouns’, in which we’re trained to be oblivious to reasoned analysis or science in favour of a never-ending onslaught of  hyperbole, propaganda and outrage.  We can’t keep up, so our minds have become tabloid-attuned processors of soundbites and precis arguments, our politics reduced to popularity polls, and we are so far beyond being able to discern or digest the irony thrown at us daily that we twirl about hopelessly like deep-sea divers no longer able to “see” the water.  But worse, drowning.  And everyday we are just a little more numb and resigned to it; the ever increasing absurdities melting into accepted reason in a time of nihilism and meaninglessness.  And this was how the year started.

So what the hell has all this got to do with music and playing in a punk rock band?  This is a question I ask myself almost every day.  People make art for a lot of different reasons, though it usually takes the form of some unquantifiable need to find an expression of their inner selves, reflecting and interpreting a considered view on the world outside.  It answers the call within all of us to communicate while we try to elicit beauty and meaning from that which stimulates us.  In it’s purest form there are no rules; the only real obligation of the artist is to be true to him/herself.  Thus it is necessary, from time to time, to review oneself in order to avoid becoming stagnant, arrogant, cliched or workaday.  And so, among the din of the New Year spectacles, we have watched, listened to, absorbed and been inspired by so many brilliant artists playing every kind of music and expressing every kind of emotion and perspective.  And we have reflected on who we are and where we fit into this mosaic.

So in 2015, Djevara will continue to make art wrapped up in strongly held belief in the power of this art-form to be an honest and free expression of hope and adversity, and as a means to bring us closer together as human beings in the midst of this maelstrom.  We promise nothing more or less than to try our best, flawed and imperfect as we are, to be a bow in the fight for freedom and compassion, for reason and humility, for common humanity firmly aware of our place in the context of a world-wide family, for the value of life – and quality of life – way above any abstract man-made intellectual constructs on a planet we share not only with all those living now, but also – hopefully – with all those lives (human or otherwise) to come.  No, not claiming to have the definitive final answers, but ever determined to not be afraid to ask the important questions and always seeking, searching, enquiring, hoping, trying.  Not just forever crying, but also defying.  Above all, to share truly valuable experiences through our music and art with all those open to listen – our friends and family across this beautiful world.  In some small way to be part of the solution.  Or at least one hell of a soundtrack to it.

So this is the gauntlet for 2015.  The world is upside down.  We knew it was thus.  There’s everything to play for, and we won’t be backing down.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year on behalf of Team Djev’. and looking forward to seeing you all soon.



Just want to say a massive and sincere THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported the band by buying our new album. This is what makes underground music so rewarding, because you know each and every sale was earned off the back of hard work, bought by people who really care about what you’ve created, and your amazing support has been the best birthday present! Thank you!!
Anté (Bass)
#PunkIsNotASound #VIVA!