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WOW!  What amazing,  awesome support beautiful Djev’ fans shown, especially now for the new acoustic (Redux) EP “Blood, Sweat & Years”, which is raising funds to help those suffering in Yemen.  So just felt that it should be rewarded back, and so as a small “Thank You” – here’s a discount code for absolutely anything on our bandcamp site ( ).  Remember, Spotify, Youtube and other such streaming sites, while obviously convenient and ubiquitous, are massive rip-offs for small artists – it’s much more valuable and supportive to have direct support from fans.

You can use it to get 30% off any order, and it lasts until midnight Friday next week (though highly recommended to use it early if it’s for a holiday gift):

30% DISCOUNT CODE: djevmas2018

You make it all worth it : The Blood. The Sweat. The Years.  You’re amazing, thank you :)


NEW! “Blood, Sweat & Years” : acoustic (REDUX) EP




PALMS video (punkviddemo #5)

PALMS [punkviddemo #5]

Video made yesterday evening, music from the new Djevara (Redux) album…




Message to the Tribe Of Many

As a good friend recently noticed, “WE are one”. THANK YOU. Whatever happens – it’s only ever been


ps a memory / a gift :
(free to download for all fan-club members, free to stream to everyone else  ;)  ) xx

New album out today – “TRIBE OF ONE”!

Woo! New acoustic Djevara (Redux) album “Tribe Of One” is out today! Here’s a #punkviddemo video of one of the tracks, made quickly yesterday just for fun, to celebrate:

Kiss The Sun

You can order yours from

The album release show is in Berlin (Germany) tonight at Rotbart, with other dates on the website!
See you on tour!

(ps Digital pre-orders will be released later this morning, CDs are unfortunately delayed, vinyls are still a dream at the moment… ;) xx )

New video for upcoming (Redux) track

New #punkviddemo for (live bonus) track from new/upcoming acoustic Djevara (Redux) album … made this afternoon*

IMPRESS ME [live acoustic] (punkviddemo3)


Album available to (pre-)order here:

To everybody who’s already supported by pre-ordering a copy, what can I say: I love you, you’re my fuel – THANK YOU! I hope I’ve justified your faith… you’ll find out soon! :)

REDUCED TO THIS… (Acoustic Tour Spring 2017)

Djevara (Redux) - acoustic Spring Tour 2017 (poster)

Announcing the Djevara (Redux) tour this Spring – a short acoustic European tour mainly to showcase and road-test new tracks for the upcoming “Reduced To This” acoustic album which is currently in progress. Hopefully it’ll be an interesting insight into working-things-out. As you’d expect – it’ll be lo-fi, it’ll be heartfelt, it’ll be real, it’ll be imperfect but it’ll be special. Check site for latest dates.

Writing \”Reduced To This\” acoustic…

BOOKING : Still open for concerts this May/June across Europe - get in touch if you are interested in putting on a show: especially interested in house concerts, intimate bars, art events, solidarity or protests, squats, mini festivals, anything interesting/new/open/crazy…
Email :

Photo: Francois Reinke ( )

Next: show #800

Next: Show #800. Yup, when I step onto the stage at AZ Köln on Tuesday, it’ll be for the 800th time with this band. Not bad for an outfit all of whose members need to maintain serious “day jobs” (of sorts) to pay the bills (and repair the gear). It’s particularly fitting – and *awesome* – that it’s to be in my “adopted” home town, a place tied to so many of the most important people in my life and, at AZ, a place very special to me, and the location of some the most memorable shows we’ve ever played as well as the source of some of my most treasured friends. Now, despite my degree I’m not usually one for numbers defining my life, but some milestones do make one take stock. This is far more relevant to me than just yet another birthday (I had very little to do with that particular event, apart from just surviving it*).
Over a period spanning well over a decade and numerous albums, I’m the only remaining founding member of a band that has seen numerous line-up changes**. Over the same period, we’ve seen most of our contemporaries disappear (though a very select few have conversely become immensely popular eg ASIWYFA, 65DOS, Reeps One…). We’ve continued to toil in the underground, flying low under the radar of whatever is fashionable, with perhaps the identifying thread being a commitment to artistic integrity, a DIY ethic and a promise to give 100% every single time. It is a path which has not resulted in either riches or popularity ( laugh/cry – delete as applicable ), but these were never the reasons I/we did it and it’s the only way it could ever have worked. We’ve played every kind of show imaginable – from mountain-top squats to university auditoriums, huge outdoor festivals to tiny bars in obscure villages, intimate acoustic shows to huge blast-outs lasting (by request!) over three hours. And yes I know, professional bands may have played this many shows in the last three years alone… but I can only say that to me, it feels like I’ve bared my soul on stage (or wherever) nearly 1000 times, It’s a lot, and each time it hurts and bleeds and cleanses and renews. And then again, the next time. Like some insane addiction. But hey… that’s what love is, isn’t it? My mother still thinks I’m crazy. She’s right, of course. So, even if it all ended after tomorrow, it would still be the project which has completely defined my adult life thus far; outside of my family, it has given me all the most important people and opportunities I’ve ever had, as well as demanded the highest personal sacrifices. But while from time to time I may question specific past strategic decisions (and sigh at the inevitable follies and naiveties of youth), I regret nothing about, in fact am really proud of, what we have achieved, the relationships we have formed, the amazing adventures we’ve had and, perhaps most, having what I genuinely believe are some of the best “fans” a band could ever ask for. It’s a cliché, but every artist knows what I’m talking about when I say that they make every sacrifice worth it. Particularly in the last couple of years, where I’m convinced we’ve been performing at our highest and most intense level ever, and I’ve genuinely often been overwhelmed by the feedback of people whose hearts have been open to receive what we’re trying to communicate- and often at a far deeper level than I’d realized would be possible from playing these weird punk rock songs. I’m so grateful to everyone who has been part of this crazy idea and thus made my life what it is today…

So, special thanks and drinks up to my band comrades-in-arms Malc and Geoff, our most favourite roady Flo, the uber-fantastic Dave Hollingworth (Dorje/Tuska) for producing our albums, and all those who are part of the extended Djevara family.  So, if you’re able, please come and celebrate and share this night with me, with us – to celebrate our past, our present, and our future – come shout. Come cry. Come dance. Come scream. LIVE = VIVA


*which, it turns out, was actually quite a close call. But a story for another time..

**amazingly, 17 people have played as part of the band live at least once since conception!

*** the photo is from the tribute post from my baby brother after we hit 750, which was almost enough to bring a tear to my eyes…

There’s money where your mouth is…

Love Djevara?  We’ve created a new “Fan Club” to enable our best supporters to get closer to and more involved with the band; if you want to support us in making our art and spreading our message, enabling us to write, play and exist, you can now you can join the new Fan Club and support the band directly!  There’s loads of benefits from joining the “Fan Club” too, which you can read all about on  the Fan Club page :

ps First five people will get an extra bonus “thank you” gift ;)

One day to go : TSNK deal!

ROLL UP, ROLL UP! Our new record “VIVA! / PUNK IS NOT A SOUND” is officially released TOMORROW! To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with the hibernating The Super Nashwan Kids to offer a special deal – for anyone who orders a PHYSICAL copy of our new album (ie on CD or VINYL) before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (SUN 23/11/14, UK time!), we’ll throw in a copy of one of their superb records. Yup, at no extra cost. The more observant among you will notice that TSNK included two of my li’l brothers. One of these was Mighty Tose – who we had the privilege of playing with on tour for the last two years as part of “Team Ace”, and who was heavily involved in the writing of the new album (You may also recall that for a period our very own Geoff was filled in on bass guitar for the young ‘uns… those were good days!) some of these memories and rock solid music can be yours if you visit and get your order in on time! It’s finger-clickin’ good…

BTW if you already ordered or bought your copy, don’t worry, you can still cash in on this deal : just post a photo of you with you and your “VIVA! / PUNK IS NOT A SOUND” record to this thread and then email or message us an address . This deal is only for CD and VINYL orders remember!