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DEUTSCHLAND – this week, you’re up! Get loaded and ready to ruckus and roll in AACHEN, COLOGNE (KÖLN), HALLE (SAALE), CHEMNITZ and BERLIN*!
03/11 – acoustic (Redux) : COLOGNE, GERMANY @ Zoo Schanke
04/11 – AACHEN, GERMANY @ The Wild Rover Irish Pub
05/11 – HALLE (SAALE), GERMANY @ VL Ludwigstrasse w/ fuckwinter
06/11 – COLOGNE, GERMANY @ Sonic Ballroom w/ Tanzkommando
07/11 – CHEMNITZ, GERMANY @ Zukunft
Please note there’s also an extra special solo acoustic “Djevara (Redux)” show now in Cologne this Wednesday (tomorrow) at Zoo Schänke.
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*Berlin is NEXT week

19 April – Update from Asti, IT

So, we’ve had another interesting few days on the road, and a few days ‘off’ in writing sessions, and we now find ourselves back in Asti in Italy, one the towns we played in on our first European tour back in 2006 and one to which we returned to many times.

But first, how we got here.

The Czech show was, of course, mental, because it was in the Czech Republic and that’s just the way it works. As always though we got swept up in the mood of the place and pretty soon we were mostly battered (after the show, of course). The venue was actually more of a standard bar, that doesn’t host live music all that often, so we ended up a nice chunk of the place. The other bands were cool, and the staff were great.

Next, a long drive to Berlin for our support show with Japanese doom band Church Of Misery. Cassiopeia is an awesome venue, with several large gig rooms as well as a variety of bars and cafes in the complex. The site is an old train depot which has been taken over in a very Berlin style. Graffiti liberally covers all the buildings, but serves as much more of an artistic backdrop than anything Shoreditch has to offer.  After the show (which was great, as was Church Of Misery) we had a quick walk around the very large site, before dropping into one of the other cafes around 2:00am where there was a live reggae/jazz band playing.

Next, the second overnight drive in a row to De Pit in Holland. De Pit is a an excellently equipped venue in a small town. Also on the bill were 2 other UK touring bands over from the North. We finished our own set a little differently when most of the room got on stage (thanks Malc). We then threw them a curve in the guise of Waiting For The Cull which is not the most obvious track to try and dance to, but anyway they tried.

And then, back in the van for the 3rd overnight drive in a row, our destination once again Ann & Pat in Linz, Austria. Another favourite stop of ours, and this time was no exception. It’s become one of the venues that we tend to feel instantly at home at, such is the warmth of the welcome we receive as well as the familiarity of having been there several times. Another well equipped venue, we played a great set, one that Joe (un-prompted) commented was the best so far (‘ever’) despite some dancing-on-the-merch-table antics and a guitar lob that smashed another (3rd) wireless unit (I won’t say who that was, except that it wasn’t me). But that was part of the show; just not part of the budget.

There then followed a night out at a local club that was hosting an annual celebration of the city. Drinks inevitably followed, and some exploration revealed some art galleries and some great open warehouse spaces. A later search for food proved fruitless, and realised not for the first time how unusual London is in that you can find an open store or takeaway at pretty much any time of the day or night, and wondered if I was losing some of my rural sentiments. Any thought of that though was once again dispersed when we arrived at Pettenbach.

Paul is the bass player from long running Austrian band Loxodrome and he’s put us up several times over the years and given us use of his rehearsal room in one of his old house’s out-buildings, and is generally an all round talented musician, engineer, and nice guy. We took the planned opportunity as a writing session and set up on Sunday afternoon through to Tuesday evening to get some new material germinating. It’s tough to try and turn on creativity like a tap, but having no pressure to finish or pack up for a few days means that you can afford to let things flow or abate as the mood changes, and we left on Wednesday morning with a lot of new ideas in the Riff Box. Some interesting musical times ahead.

And so, yesterday, to Milan. Honky Tonky Bar was a stop on the last tour that I wasn’t present for (cheers Dave – no sarcasm that time) and by all accounts it was a blast with some of the best venue staff on that time out. This time, I found that the rumours were true, and the guys at the venue were hospitable from the moment we arrived. We played with The Weakest Baboon who were playing their EP Launch, and the first outing of Das Andy K Show which was awesome, despite a guitar malfunction early on. To be expected, if not demanded, really. The casio-keyboard-on-a-guitar-strap more than held it together and the batteries did too.

A late morning start and a drive brought us to Asti. As I write, we are about to leave to set up tonight’s Redux show, so I’ll finish by saying that it has been great again to get to see so many old friends as well as make some new ones. Good times.

Geoff Joins The Tour – with Andy

Brief update :-

So after the first leg of the United We Stand Europe tour, with the Mighty Scratch Latin as Premier tour mates, I’m finally out of work and in Berlin. 28 hours, no sleep (5 and a half hours in Stansted Airport between 12:30am and 6am in NO FUN AT ALL btw) and I’m sitting in Beakers where Bass and Malc did an acoustic show last night.

Haggard but Happy

Non stop for the next week and a half, 4 shows coming up on Sat and Sun alone in Czech Rep.

It feels good to be here :)

13th March 2011 – The Royal Oak, Ipswich

The second date of the weekend with Andy K in tow. I was crying, literally. This guy spent around an hour carefully fixing his guitar. He went out, bought some matches, and did a fair job and managing to get the neck relatively firmly back on, tuned it, and sound checked. Within minutes of his set starting, the same guitar had been dropped on /thrown across the stage numerous times. The iPod didn’t work, and kept paying the first 10 seconds of one of the songs, before randomly starting one of the other tracks it held, so we were entertained with some hip hop, drum and bass, and of course Kunt And The Gang.

It was all shambolically polished to the Nth degree, and could have been planned, except that it wasn’t. And so I cried tears of laughter. thourougly bloody good.

We had the honour once again of playing with Another Dead Hero, Braintree’s finest export. These guys are laid back, funny, and in the Drummer Jack’s own words, ‘dickheads’, but in the nicest Essex way. And they Rock. I don’t go in for the ‘post-music’ anything; as a band we’re not really into labelling music, but ADH seem to be post something. Maybe post-caring? It’s refreshing to see a band that can banter between songs and display something of their personality, but then just totally FOCUS and play their hearts out.

I was particularly drawn to one anecdote that Chris (Saunders – guitar) told me before they played. On the wall was a poster of one of the Cradle Of Filth guitarists in typical Metal pose. I know COF are from the Essex area – we reorded God Is White in the same studio that they recorded a number of their albums. ADH also happen to rehearse in the same studio, and one day they found a guitar that that had been left behind. Chris dutifully recounted how he wiped his balls on it, only to see the guy a week later playing it at Download Festival.

Licking the neck.

I don’t know if it’s all true, but if it is, it’s certainly Filth.

Summary: excellent weekend. We played with friends, we played some excellent venues. Our hosts were universally awesome, and apart from a van mis-hap at the very end, total success. Bring on the Euro Tour!!

12 March 2011, The Chelsea Inn, Bristol.

We came to the Chelsea Inn last November on Babar Luck’s World Citizen Folk tour. It was a replacement for another Bristol show that fell through; lucky for us, because the place is fantastic, and we were very happy indeed to be back, and with the excellent Andy K Show along for the ride.

Andy K played a belter; he began by throwing his guitar across the room, and dancing on it, almost ripping the neck off in the process. He never seems to break any strings, much the annoyance of Bass, who can’t quite believe the abuse of instrument. Dave reminds him though that the reduced tension on the strings as a result of the neck being bent forward by several degrees has a lot to do with it. Mid set, in a first for my eyes, he took an interval to try and screw the neck back on, while entertaining the audience to his remix of Kunt And The Gang.

We played a pretty good show; the atmosphere at the Chelsea Inn is pretty great, and reminds us all more of some of the mainland Europe shows we do. Dave Hollingworth also joined us to help on sound and do a little induction for the upcoming Euro Tour; we’ve also managed to persuade Andy K to come along too.

Having Andy K along certainly seems to make us more accessible; someone actually said the we had the perfect mix between Hendrix and Britney Spears, though which bit of the set envoked each of those is anyone’s guess.

The Fat Surfer, Grays 10 Dec

Not the most promosing start to a show – arriving to find that the guy promoting it had sacked the sound engineer for cancelling the show earlier in the day, and finding no visible promotion at the venue. It soon became very clear that the ‘promoter’ (if that’s what he was) who was trying to figure out the sound actually didn’t have a clue how anything worked. Malcolm stepped up to the plate and did what he could, but it’s hard to play drums from behind the sound desk, so we did what we could.

It was however when, after lending an XLR cable for additional microphones and  also had to provide two kettle leads to power the on stage monitors after trying for 10 mins to get any sound out of them that I realised this might turn sour.

In the end it was OK. We played well, taking it more as a bit of fun. Went down well, CD sales were almost to target, and we got a great response after we played from people in the audience, though it was a little tough to tell while we were actually playing.

We’ll look forward to returning to Grays again. We’ve had some amazing shows there in the past, but as with all shows, more people tend to turn up if they know something is going on. Having someone present who knows how the equipment works is also, usually, a point scorer.

FREEDOM FESTIVAL II – 3rd/4th October


Djevara would like to invite you to:
A celebration and defence of civil liberties.

Once again we feel the need to shout and make a stand in the face of increasing authoritarian government and diminishing freedoms: CCTV everywhere, compulsory ID cards, national databases, “anti-terror” laws used for everything except fighting terror, ridiculous anti-protest laws (arrested for baking a cake, anyone?), more & more music restrictions, arbitrary arrest, extra-ordinary renditions and 28/42/92 days detention without charge or trial… Stop already.

Of course, we’ll be instigating this by having a rocking good time with a whole bunch of our friends: plenty of bands, visual and spoken word artists, film… come join us as we quite literally fight for our right to party. The festival is spread over two venues with overlapping bills, so if you can’t make one day you can come to the other – there’s no excuses! Saturday will have much more music, while the emphasis on the Sunday will be more art… though both will have plenty of each! :D
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