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Djevara (Redux)

REDUX : Quiet Is The New Loud

"Djevara (Redux)" is a spin-off project that grew out of from what was at first just a last-minute practical solution to enable a show to happen, to becoming what is now a full-fledged act in it's own right. Unashamedly heavily influenced by the popular "MTV Unplugged" series of the 1990s, this stripped-down re-interpretation of "Djevara" allows Anté to re-visit his routes in spoken-word and cast a different light on the themes in the songs. The format varies - '(Redux)' may appear feature Anté solo or with other bandmembers (commonly accompanied by tréjon) and/or feature guest accompanying artists. Thus 'Redux' is the other side of the Djevara metaphorical 'coin', and it is often commented that in some ways the sets feel 'heavier' than the usual noisier full set which the band is more usually associated with.