Geoff, Anté (aka 'Bass'), Malc

band photos: Georgina Cook

Djevara is a three-piece punk/hardcore alternative rock band based in South London. Since its origins in the Midlands when spoken-word artist Anté decided to start a punk rock band, it has constantly evolved over the years. Some things have remained constant : a commitment to independence and D.I.Y. principles which included creating their own record label (Genin Records/Djevara Music), setting up and runing an arts warehouse in North London (The Low Fidelity Disconnect), organizing numerous festivals and events in the South-East of England and touring relentlessly across Europe in every kind of venue (both official and unofficial) right across the continent. And of course, Djevara have been politically active and outspoken from Day One, and supporting anti-fascist/racist movements and human rights campaigning have formed an integral part of what the band has always been about.

The current line-up consists of:

  • Anté (aka 'Bass') - words, guitar, bass guitar
  • Geoff Courts - guitar, bass guitar
  • Malc - drums, programming


Djevara uses:


  • Sandro Cappai (drums)
  • Erdogan Baristiran (drums)
  • Kevin Carney (bass guitar)
  • Cal Smith (bass guitar)
  • Kiara Zybix (bass guitar)
  • Jeff Hughes (bass guitar)
  • Ben Leach (guitar)
  • Steve Long (drums)
  • Spike! (guitar)


  • Tose (guitar/bass guitar)
  • Dave Hollingworth (bass guitar/guitar)