Hardcore alternative rock from London, England

Djevara are and always have been 100% independent and DIY. All of our records have been released through our own label, Genin Records / Djevara Music

Hear No Evil DJEVARIAN RICORSI- live EP Divided We Fall Third World War Corsa Al Ribasso God Is White

Hear No Evil ('The Rising Tide, part 2')

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'Hear No Evil' is Djevara's latest studio album (or, more accurately, the second part of it), and the first to feature the current line-up. More polished and progressive than what had come before, the album was recorded live to capture the raw punk energy that Djevara fans have come to expect. After almost self-combusting both internally and externally in creating part 1, the band used part 2 as the start of the fight back and in the process may have created their most ambitious record to date. The time is now.

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"Good isn't a word to be wheeled out when magnificent is still available. Djevara, right here, right now, are magnificent."

"their power, their emotion, the way they turn their limitations into a great big positive and that sum of the whole does make Djevara, their new album and everything that they stand for, absolutely vital. This is a brave honest refreshing committed album, a raw album, a very ambitious album, and ultimately... a triumph of an album. Few would have the guts to even try it." - ORGAN 'THING OF THE DAY' "

"powerful as all Hell...'Hear No Evil' is chaotic hardcore that's as emotionally charged as it is socially aware, with particular impact from an account of domestic violence in 'The Tort Of False Light'."

"brilliantly produced, well constructed and mature examples of an approach to songwriting which owes as much to Fugazi, At The Drive-In and Million Dead as it does to the aforementioned Rage... the arrangements [are] dynamic and varied [and] they also know how to produce a lightning rod of a riff as well when such a moment is called for, and how to build their compositions to powerful crescendos. Djevara have already achieved an impressive amount off their own backs; 'Hear No Evil' is testament to that"

"Musically the Brit trio have produced a record which is as powerful as the lyrical sentiments it promotes... A heartfelt and powerful release, effectively delivering the band's message and leaving you with more to think about than just six excellent slabs of heavy duty rock you can get lost in." 12/13

Djevarian (an album by The Anté Dote)

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Anté's attempt at the beginnings of writing the new Djevara album took on a life of their own and resulted in a quite different off-shoot. The result was the "Djevarian" record, a more stylized, personal record featuring numerous guests from the underground. You can learn more about the whole thing on the Djevarian Micro-site. All income from sales of this album are pledged to help victims of conflict.

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Some prophets proffer that life is a series of repeating loops, and thus "everything that goes round comes round". Whatever the truth of it, this was recorded live in a friend's studio den in the Austrian countryside while on tour as another take on some of Djevara's darker, more esoteric songs from the most difficult period in the band's history.

Angry, acerbic and visceral progressive punk rock, this is the sound of carefully handled chaos form a tour-beaten band scraping the very last drops of energy to get across their message; hoarse, spent, driven - and giving it one more to get it down for prosperity. Once more, with feeling.

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Divided We Fall

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Djevara (Redux) - the first solo acoustic record featuring broken down versions of some of Djevara's most popular tracks as well as specially written material.

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Third World War : Cast The First Stone

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Djevara's second album; quite a leap from the first, this record saw the band embrace a more raw and brutal production, while at the same time developing a more progressive and mature sound. Fusing the fury and intensity of Refused with the commitment and diversity of Fugazi, along with the sonic palette of Tool, RATM, At The Drive-In and Slayer - this multi-ethnic DIY punk-metal band from London (UK) created a powerful and new statement of intent following no rules but their own.

<a href="http://djevara.bandcamp.com/album/third-world-war-cast-the-first-stone">freedom's ghost by Djevara</a>
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"You can only salute the tenacity of Djevara. This second album is released through their own label and they're involved in various righteous political campaigns and DIY promotions. And as a black-fronted metal band, they're still a rarity. Their music is strong too, melding At The Drive-In/Fugazi-inspired anger with good old hyper-metal riffage. Songs like "The Consumer" and "600 Years Of Your Civilization And My People Still Live In Poverty" are so eyeball-poppingly angry you can't help but be swept along. It's a combination that shows the underground has a big beating heart."
RECOMMENDED DOWNLOAD: "The Death Of Cliff Richard"
FOR FANS OF: Refused, Rage Against The Machine"
KKKK - Kerrang!

"Imagine Tool hooked on a funk rock beat. Or Fugazi getting drunk on Rage Against The Machine's philosophy. Somehow Djevara manage to make all of this sound cohesive, agitating, DIY and musically confident. An exciting album of blazing, streetwise British promise."

"Any album that has a song called 'The Death Of Cliff Richard' gets my vote in an instant. And there's a chance a single blast of this manic-hard metalcore funk hyperactivity would bring about the demise of the ageing crooner in an instant. Champion!"

Corsa Al Ribasso ('The Rising Tide, part 2')

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Part 1 of Djevara's 3rd album "The Rising Tide", this release saw the band make a huge change of direction reflecting the themes of suicide, loss and desolation - it's a dark, caustic record soaked in post-hardcore and left-field alternative rock, strangely influenced by 'avante-garde'. Perhaps the band's most challenging work, this was also the most cathartic. A deeply personal, intensely angry record.

<a href="http://djevara.bandcamp.com/album/the-rising-tide-part-1-corsa-al-ribasso">Jesus vs Mohammed (Ali) by Djevara</a>
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"A superb progression - 8/10" - Rock Sound

"Killer Stuff" - Whisperin' & Hollerin'

God Is White

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Djevara's DIY debut was a ferocious UK alt-rock / punk-metal hybrid of passionate, energetic and visceral music - at times like a more hardcore, grungier Rage Against The Machine in a fistfight with Sepultura and Skunk Anansie. Critically acclaimed when released, this was the work of a band naive enough to follow their muses and bathe enthusiastically in their influences.

This record is far straighter and to-the-jugular hook-laden riff rock than the more progressive sound the band would later develop, an angry musical pill of politically charged alternative rock for the jilted generation. (And yes, the title is ironic)

<a href="http://djevara.bandcamp.com/album/god-is-white">Black Boy by Djevara</a>
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"A truly tumultuous debut offering, that recalls the vital energy of Rage Against The Machine and Jane’s Addiction’s thrillingly abrasive introductions to the world. Inspiring." -
KKKK - Kerrang!

"the sheer melodic density of Djevara's sound makes everthing feel as simultaneously epic and intimate as prime Fugazi... an awesome debut"
8/10 - BANG Magazine

"Fiercesomely powerful metal, with a rhino stomping groove that is equally uncompromising in its punk pedigree... this is an excellent album."
8/10 - Metal Hammer