Hardcore alternative rock from London, England
Djevara - live Anté Geoff Malc Tose (honorary Djevarian) Redux Dave (honorary Djevarian) Genin Records
Anté - protagonist/vox/guitar/bass/FX
Geoff Courts - bass/guitar/backing vox
Malcolm Gayner - drums/percussion/backing vox/programming
Tose - bass/guitar/backing vox
Djevara (Redux) - acoustic
Genin Records


Djevara is a rock band from the South-East of England (based in London), UK.
Currently the musicians who play in Djevara are founder Anté (Bassey), Malc (Malcolm Gayner), Geoff (Courts) and Tose Page. Djevara perform as a three-piece (currently in two 'teams' - 'Team Ace' and 'Team Brilliant').

Although Djevara prefer to eschew genres and are uninterested in being pigeonholed, the band broadly play 'hardcore alternative rock'. Anté originally came out of the poetry/spoken word scene, which has heavily influenced Djevara's take on a blend of post-hardcore/punk rock and progressive, alternative metal.

Regularly characterized as 'furious', 'energetic', 'schizophrenic', 'passionate', 'visceral', Djevara remain fiercely independent and rooted in a DIY work ethic and sub-culture that has seen them become a determined force in the UK, European and international underground scenes. Musically they continue to chart their own particular musical journey while remaining true to their original vision; dense antagonistic melodies and grooves vying with pure, unfettered anger for attention to wrap around a viscerally personal urban poetry.

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Djevara regularly tour across the European continent, usually in the Spring and Autumn, as well as playing a number of festivals and more local shows throughout the year.

Though formed at the university of Warwick, the band relocated to London in 2003, immediately establishing itself as an important part of the underground scene and organising a number of events, shows and festivals (including FREEDOM FESTIVAL in associaton with civil liberties organisation Liberty).

Inspired by such icons as Fugazi and Henry Rollins, a strong DIY ethic has seen the band tour all across the UK, Europe and internationally - playing almost 600 live shows to date - as well as independently release records through the label they started, GENIN RECORDS / DJEVARA MUSIC.

Djevara currently have two live line-ups in order to be able to make their tour commitments: 'Team Ace' (Anté, Malc, Tose), 'Team Brilliant' (Anté, Malc, Geoff).

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Anté (Bassey) was born in Glasgow, Scotland, but is a native Londoner with African roots spanning the breadth of the continent. As a teenager he became a nationally published teen poet and writer, and was only (initially reluctantly) convinced to pick up a guitar just before going university. On joining his immediate mission was to start a punk rock band.

Strongly inspired by such DIY heroes as Ian McKaye, Henry Rollins, Steve Albini and others, Anté takes a hands-on approach in managing band and label matters as well as penning schizophrenic and often cryptic tunes.

In September 2013, Anté released "Djevarian", an off-shoot project album, with all the funds pledged to help victims of conflict. You can read more about the project at the Djevarian Micro-site

nb Anté was formerly regularly known by the nickname 'Bass'.

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bass/guitar/backing vocals (Team Brilliant)

Geoff hails from South East England and played his first show with Djevara while in the middle of his final university examinations (he passed).

Previously Djevara’s second guitarist, Geoff transferred primarily to bass guitar when Djevara became a three-piece.

Geoff heads The Low Fidelity Disconnect, the arts and music warehouse project which originated in North London and which has acted as a hub for Djevara and other underground artists both local and from further afield.

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Malc orginally comes from beautiful kent, and lived for many years in South London developing a recording studio which soon became locally famous for hosting the legendary annual festival-in-a-house “MalcFest” as well as turning out the records of countless bands.

The newest member of the band, Malc’s background in music production as well as experience in numerous other bands of various genres has seen been instrumental in driving the current incarnation of the band, with a huge influence on the sound and songwriting.

Malc runs Orange & Blue Music, a recording studio and music community, and still organises Malcfest (though no longer in a semi-detached in South London).

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bass/guitar/backing vocals (Team Ace/Redux)

Anté's younger brother Tose first played with Djevara in the Spring tour of 2012 in order to cover for the final week. He proved to be so ACE that he has subsequentally come on every tour and become a key member including some very exciting writing contributions for the next album (in progress).

A founding member of the sorely missed band 'The Super Nashwan Kids', Tose was playing along to popular rock records within days of picking up his first bass at the tender age of thirteen. Don't let his subtle demeanour fool you; Tose is a ferociously talented musician (comfortable on both guitar, bass and drums) who adds a naturally infective groove and soul to any music he lays his hands on. Despite being much younger than the other, Tose is easily the most gifted natural musician.

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Djevara (Redux)

Originally formed out of necessity when a previous drummer just decided not to turn up anymore, Djevara (Redux) has now formed into another incarnation or interpretation of Djevara, utilizing acoustic or semi-acoustic instrumentation to give a different perspective on the music and message. Based around some of Anté's acoustic tracks, poetry and re-interpretations of Djevara songs the experience is completely different and yet in some way spiritually drawn from the same place. Anté has often been heard to comment that the acoustic sets are much heavier than the loud sets; in place of noise and raw energy there is a more subdued, poetic and personal ambience. People are often surprised by how well the songs translate to the Djevara (Redux) format, and is nearer to the spoken word world from which Anté originated.

Djevara (Redux) may appear in a number of formats: as a live solo act, with bandmembers or with special guests.

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Dave Hollingworth

(honorary Djevarian: bass/guitar/über-production!)

Dave Hollingworth was awarded 'honorary Djevarian' status also by virtue of having been a touring member of the band (two European tours in 2011), as well as outstanding work co-producing Djevara's 'Hear No Evil' record. Dave is an astonishing talent for whom the sky is the limit: hailing originally from up North with the astonishingly tight Chasinjade, not only did he not blink in playing bass and guitar with Djevara on tour (ok, he blinked, but only twice), but his regular bands include fabulous labelmates Scratch Latin for whom he drums and Dorje for whom he plays bass. Yet even better than his playing is his engineering/sonic brain. A star in our world. Dave is a wonder-producer and did an excellent job in helping Djevara to record the latest release, 'Hear No Evil'.

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Genin Records / Djevara Music

Djevara originally set up 'Djevara Music' in 2003 to put out their debut album 'God Is White', but soon realised that they had an infrastructure which could be used to help put out releases by similarly independent artists from the local alternative/DIY scene and so Genin Records was born. Genin is more a loose (and open/promiscuous) association of spirited independent artists than a label in the classical sense, and all of the artists that Genin have been associated with remain 100% independent, DIY and unique in their own pursuit of artistic expression.