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WOW!  What amazing,  awesome support beautiful Djev’ fans shown, especially now for the new acoustic (Redux) EP “Blood, Sweat & Years”, which is raising funds to help those suffering in Yemen.  So just felt that it should be rewarded back, and so as a small “Thank You” – here’s a discount code for absolutely anything on our bandcamp site ( ).  Remember, Spotify, Youtube and other such streaming sites, while obviously convenient and ubiquitous, are massive rip-offs for small artists – it’s much more valuable and supportive to have direct support from fans.

You can use it to get 30% off any order, and it lasts until midnight Friday next week (though highly recommended to use it early if it’s for a holiday gift):

30% DISCOUNT CODE: djevmas2018

You make it all worth it : The Blood. The Sweat. The Years.  You’re amazing, thank you :)



Just want to say a massive and sincere THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported the band by buying our new album. This is what makes underground music so rewarding, because you know each and every sale was earned off the back of hard work, bought by people who really care about what you’ve created, and your amazing support has been the best birthday present! Thank you!!
Anté (Bass)
#PunkIsNotASound #VIVA!


Wow, we made it. The “RICORSI” Tour was perhaps our most ambitious and extensive yet, spanning over a month of dates spread across 13 countries, clocking up over 13,000km and the most diverse variety of shows yet. As usual, we had incredible adventures and fantastic experiences (I feel at least two more editions of “DIY TRYING” are necessary), and we were constantly reminded how privileged we are to be able to share the results of our creativity with so many people across this amazing continent.

Some of the shows will stick in our memories forever – from playing on the Eastern border of Germany following an impassioned and vital anti-Fascist rally at one of our favourite squats, to playing in the midst of thousands of incredible art pieces in a pop-up exhibition in Vienna in what had to be one of the most inspiring settings we’ve ever been hosted in (followed, of course, by swing jazz, which I now wish always happened). But every show is unique and special in its own way; we have always pledged to give 100% to every show, whether there are 1000 or 6 people (and both have happened), and still stubbornly refuse to write a setlist so that no night is ever an exact repeat or can ever risk simply being a case of going through the motions; the message, the music, the expression must be alive and lived in the moment if it is to mean anything at all. On behalf of my fellow Djevarians Geoff and Malc, I want to thank you all most sincerely for being there and listening and experiencing these times with us, and giving us the opportunity to do this.

Djevara would also like to thank honorary Djevarian Tose, my brother who was absolutely exceptional in playing with us for the first half of the tour. We’d also like to thank John Hollingworth, as much a brother, for (i) all his help (ie mainly perennially fixing my equipment after I’ve trashed it), (ii) injecting some much-needed “rock n roll” into the otherwise occasionally staid Djev’ camp (by Czech standards, that is!), and (iii) almost limitless enthusiasm every night. If you’ve ever played in a band, you’ll appreciate how much it means to have at least one person absolutely giving you back 100% too. Thanks, John. Djevara would also like to thank everyone who who put us on, put us up,… or just plain put up with us – in no particular order, and sometimes not exclusively one or the other. Small as we are, we’ve built up so many warm relationships across the continent that we can now honestly say we see touring as much an excuse to go around seeing people we consider to be some of our closest friends as much as a way to disseminate our music. Most of all, of course, we’d like to thank YOU – everyone who cared enough to come and share an evening (or more) with us – listening, screaming, buying, dancing, feeling. Each night I was reminded in a different way why we do this; grown men who should know better throwing themselves in a van and launching themselves across a continent against their better financial judgement in an effort to scream and play loud instruments every night.

In a world in which we are made to feel continuously disconnected, constantly told how we need to behave or what we need to buy or do to fit or be acceptable, who to love or hate, what is beautiful and what is undesirable, it is about much more than just music. Someone asked me on tour what does it mean to be a “political band” and what can we ever hope to achieve us such. I had to point out two things: first, Djevara is first and foremost, and will always be, at it’s heart, about free and honest artistic expression – for the sake of it. This in itself may well be seen as a political expression, but at it’s heart this is as far as it needs to go. However, I add the second point, which is perhaps more personal, for which it may be useful to quote one of my favourite front-women of the modern rock age: “everything’s fucking political”. In a world where “liberal” can mean the continued existence of Guantanamo Bay, “freedom” can mean the continued incarceration without trial of whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning, and “peace” can mean unarmed drones targeting civilians and battering villagers in a country thousands of miles away, what you don’t say is as important as what you say, what you don’t do is as important as what you do. If we’re the last men standing in this great tug of war of ideas and truths and lies, then we have a voice – and we mean to use it.

So ends our live programme for 2012. We won’t be totally disappearing – there’s plenty happening over the next few months including a film, at least three music videos, a Euro-rail acoustic (Redux) mini-tour (with luck!) and the “Djevarian” album project, progress of which you’ll be able to follow on online via the blogs etc. So thanks again for re-affirming our belief in the potential for art and music to be about more than just commercialism, vapidity and ego, and allowing us to connect at a deeper level. Thanks for being our anchors.

Stay safe and take care of each other, and we look forward to seeing you again in the Spring.

Anté Bassey (on behalf of Team Djevara RICORSI 2012)

Team Djevara - RICORSI TOUR 2012 (+ Ludo)

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