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Reduced To This… TOUR

Reduced To This… acoustic Djevara (Redux) Spring Tour 2017


I wrote this song yesterday, finally inspired to put some words down in response to the recent events in Ferguson/USA, but actually it sums a lot of things I’ve been wanting to express for a while, and is dedicated to everyone around the world who has themselves (or had their friends and/or family) fall victim to police and military discrimination, oppression and brutality.  I know all too well from personal first-hand experience what it is like to be profiled, harrassed, assaulted, attacked, insulted, wrongly imprisoned and arrested, threatened with guns… all from the people who are supposed to “serve and protect” us.  This music is for you, my dear brothers and sisters – to keep the dream alive, and never give up the fight for equal rights and respect for all.


PALMS (live home recording)

TOUR DIARY: Redux @ Port Mahon, Oxford (02/05/11)

The most interesting thing (for me) about the Redux acoustic format is that it affords Djevara to perform in circumstances and to audiences which would not usually be possible or practical. Thus I was grateful to be offered a slot at this DIY show in Oxford, not least because I haven’t visited this fort of quintessential Southern Englishness-par-excellence for years, but also because it afforded an opportunity to share a stage with a mixture of talented musicians with whom I would not normally have the opportunity. Set up as part of She Makes War’s tour, and put together locally by local stars Little Fish, the night was organised in an original way : Little Fish, being the most popular, would open and end the night, guaranteeing the audience would come early enough (and so avoiding the traditional “graveyard shift” for opening acts), and the night would be split into two halves with an interlude, with each act playing a short set in both halves.

This worked amazingly well in such a small, intimate venue, as did the decision to use smaller but much more acoustically pleasing AER speakers as opposed to the venues huge but (apparently) horrid in-house ones. This made for a very atmospheric night thanks to the attentive and supportive audience. At first I was a bit side-swiped by the format as I had to re-think my set if I was to have just two songs each half, but in the end it worked well enough. The quality and variety of the artists made for a very entertaining night – in particular for me The Spring Offensive were particularly impressive; I’m not usually one for any type of in-fashion indie as most people know, but musically and sonically these guys have it absolutely down, with superb, harmonic group vocals and more than a dash of their own originality. They are touring a lot I believe and recommend checking them out, especially if you like your stuff more tuneful and less noisy than us! :)

Live @ Port Mahon, May 2011

Redux in Oxford

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One of the ironies I’ve been reflecting on is that despite being restricted to a stool and playing at much lower volumes, these solo sets definitely take much more out of me. I can’t even say I enjoy them, at least not in the normal sense of the word. Afterwards (and for a couple of days actually) I felt emotionally exhausted. Of course, it’s not every day that you dedicate a set to your late father five days after the 10th anniversary, but I honestly don’t know if I could do a solo or Redux tour day-in, day-out. There’s only so much catharsis the mind can take. Bring back the noise and a band to hide in front of.


(Part 1) The Offer, Untitled
(Part 2) The Rising Tide, The Tort Of False Light (Remix)