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WOW!  What amazing,  awesome support beautiful Djev’ fans shown, especially now for the new acoustic (Redux) EP “Blood, Sweat & Years”, which is raising funds to help those suffering in Yemen.  So just felt that it should be rewarded back, and so as a small “Thank You” – here’s a discount code for absolutely anything on our bandcamp site ( ).  Remember, Spotify, Youtube and other such streaming sites, while obviously convenient and ubiquitous, are massive rip-offs for small artists – it’s much more valuable and supportive to have direct support from fans.

You can use it to get 30% off any order, and it lasts until midnight Friday next week (though highly recommended to use it early if it’s for a holiday gift):

30% DISCOUNT CODE: djevmas2018

You make it all worth it : The Blood. The Sweat. The Years.  You’re amazing, thank you :)