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Defend The Defenders

(Relates to THIS ARTICLE in The Guardian today )

FOUR. A. WEEK. !!! This situation really is getting more and more desperate by the day. One of my new songs recorded for the upcoming Djevara (Redux) record is in honour/memory of award-winning environmentalist Berta Caceres, an absolute inspiration and a huge heroine of mine, who was ruthlessly assassinated in Honduras last year. While our society teaches us to praise and honour most highly those who are paid to go and bomb and kill people in countries most of us can’t even reliably place on a map, for reasons none of us fully understand, these true heroes and heroines risk their lives everyday without glory, desperately trying to defend their lands and the earth itself from the devastation caused by international greed and post-colonialism, ranging from the now desperate defence the lungs of our planet, the rainforests, to the depopultation and pollution of our oceans and reefs, to the destruction of natural eco-systems and habitats due to insatiable palm oil production, to the defence of lands from yet more dangerous pipelines or fracking, and on and on in seemingly inumerable critical ecological crises. I’ll be continuing to try to use whatever platform I have through my art to raise awareness of and support these amazing people and groups who are our last line of defence in what may be the only true war that matters anymore. We desperately need to wake to what’s happening; this isn’t about pretty fields and nice flowers and cute orangutans; it’s about survival and values. If they lose, If WE lose: we ALL lose. I just pray that we won’t have to learn the hard way the truism: we can’t eat money and we can’t drink shares.
ps if you are interested in booking me for benefit concerts in support of any of the issues highlighted, please get in touch. I am hoping to be much more active in this and other areas of concern this year and in supporting as much as I can. Thanks! x