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We’re releasing our new video to show solidarity with ONE BILLION RISING (, a world-wide movement on 14th February to make a stand against violence against women. Dance and be counted.


(lyrics: )


Don’t go down quietly.


Proudest moment…

Proudest moment of 2013: over £1000 (& counting!) to help victims of conflict with the #Djevarian album – thanks to you guys believing music can still mean something. THANK YOU. ^A X



IT’S OFFICIAL!!! THE CAMPAIGN WAS SUCCESSFUL! I really can’t believe it – thanks so much everyone who contributed and supported us. You’ll be hearing something from us soon and getting LOTS of bonus stuff :D Absolutely AMAZING! What a fantastic weekend!!!! Many thanks from Mighty Djevara – Anté, Malc, Geoff & Tose
Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to have rather a lot of this bubbly! YOU BEAUUUUUUUUUUUTY!!! :D :D :D :D :D





7 days left on our KICKSTARTER campaign for our new album project, with 25% left to raise!

Depending on whether you like your glasses half full or half empty, that’s very nearly there or still a massive amount to raise! Either way – it’s gonna be a nail-biter! We’ve decided to spice things up with some new VERY LIMITED fun rewards:
£17 – Malc’s old drummin’ shoes, painted & adorned by your good selves
£623 – “Vanessa” (Anté (Bass)’s Ibanez Jem 555 guitar, that was used on the first two Djevara albums!)
£11 (3) – broken sticks from the recording session!
£7 (5) – actual picks used in the recording session!
£196 – come join us in the studio for a day!
£43 – Malc will cook you dinner!
£21 (3) – Geoff will make you a SUPERB coffee!
check it out at

nb remember *ALL* pledgers will get (i) exclusive access to the “making of” documentary, (ii) exclusive tracks that will not be available to anyone else, (iii) lots of other special goodies, (iv) the album itself before anyone else, (v) our eternal love and gratitude* (or at least until the next album… ;p)  You can pledge from £1, or join group pledge by paypal to (no rewards available via group pledge)


We (Djevara) have started working on a new album. In the DIY spirit, we’re asking our fans for support to make sure it’s our best ever.

Incredibly, in 2014 it’ll have been ten years since we released our debut album “God Is White” (now long sold out).  We raised all the funds from our fanbase long before “crowdfunding” became a word everyone recognised, upon a wave of excitement from radio play and tours across the UK while still naive, “wet-behind-the-ears” students.  It was a wonderful time, and we’ve been through so much since then and would not have imagined where we are today as artists.  It seems a fitting time to try to release our next album, number four, which we’re pretty confident could be our best ever; we’re playing the shows of our lives, more “together” as a band than we have felt since then and writing some of the most exciting music we’ve ever done whilst staying true to the ideals and essences of makes up Djevara.

In order to realize this record properly, we’re asking again for support from our family, friends and fans.  This will help us pay for studio and production time, recording, mastering, manufacture, and make sure we make the best possible record for our tenth anniversary release.

In their manifesto, Kickstarter articulate that this kind of crowdsourcing project allows people to enable and become an integral part of the creation of the art they want to see in the world.  I think that’s such a beautiful idea; supporters and fans actually willing the art into being from the beginning with their direct support.  I just don’t believe that ONLY art that is commercially viable should be able to exist.  I don’t want to live in a world like that, and I’m glad that more people are recognizing that you don’t have to be a millionaire to be a patron of the arts.

Here is the link: – DJEVARA : KICKSTART NEW ALBUM!

Thanks so much to all of you who’ve been along for the journey so far; the best is yet to come.


(Mighty Djevara)


IMPORTANT: if you want to support us BUT for whatever reason you don’t want to register on Kickstarter process (preferred) or can’t use one of the available credit cards, you can send a paypal payment/transfer over to us at “” (GENIN RECORDS) and we’ll do it for you as part of a group donation. Remember to include the reward you want! (nb you can not get a “limited” reward using this method)


Hey Londoners (and nearby)!
Just a quick message to invite you to our home shows! We’ve just come back from the continental leg of our European Tour, and we’re playing the shows of our lives – we’d really love to see you guys at our ‘home’ shows. We’ve got three, and they’re gonna be totally different:
No1: TONIGHT (Fri 25/10)! Down SOUTH at The Bird’s Nest (Deptford), with the magnificent LAMO.  This will be a show by Team Brilliant (Anté, Malc, Geoff)
No2: FRI 01/11 – acoustic (Redux) show @ The Horse Bar (124 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7RW), with Francesco Fonte and JD Baines in support.  The (Redux) shows have been really special recently, and we invite you to come take part in this emotional journey with us.  This show will have the full “ReduxFantastic” team out too: (Anté, Malc, Tose, Gemma Gayner)
No3: WED 06/11 -up  NORTH @ CATCH 22 (Shoreditch) with EARTHMASS.  This is gonna be a rare chance to see Team Ace (
Anté, Malc, Tose) in London, the team which has been ripping it up across Europe for the first three weeks of the tour.  It’s going to be a very special night with a couple of surprises and exclusives (of course, do we ever let ya down?).  I don’t even need to mention how awesome EARTHMASS are.  We’re also gonna be treated to a special, short, sweet set from LEEVIL.
So! Our advice is… come to all of them, they’ll be totally different. Otherwise, we’ll see you at whichever you can make.
Peace/love/rock n roll,
Anté / Djev’
FB event for the shows:

Fairer Sex

After another fantastic night, it’s become apparent that there’s been a huge increase in the percentage of our female audience over the last 3/4 years (from almost zero 6/7 years ago, pretty much). This is one of the most welcome and fantastic developments of which I’m most proud – and is so exciting. Being rooted in genres that are often almost exclusively male-dominated and male-oriented, I remember in the early days being frustrated that the scene lacked the influence and presence of representatives of over half the world population. Thank you so much for joining us. So: here’s to you all – our beautiful mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, lovers, aunts, nieces… Real hardcore is made with love. ^Anté xXx


HIT THE ROAD, DJACK! With all this new DJEVARIAN album stuff really kicking off ( I nearly forgot that the Mighty Djevara European Tour kicks off tomorrow- starting off in France, Luxembourg and Belgium:
FRI 20/09 – Groarg Palace, CAEN (FRANCE)
SAT 21/09 – Kulturhuef, GREVENMACHER (LUXEMBOURG) *(Redux) acoustic*
MON 23/09 – Le 5eme Avenue, ORLEANS (FRANCE)
TUES 24/09 – Le Café Diskaire, LILLE (FRANCE) *(Redux) acoustic*
WED 25/09 – Cine Palace, KORTRIJK (BELGIUM) w/ Industroika

The set list is “kick some ass”. Come get some.