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LONDON: you’re next!

Hey there, fellow Londoners (and those nearby)!
One week to go ’til the official release of our new album “VIVA! / PUNK IS NOT A SOUND”, we’re back in the UK and prepping up for a special home-coming, first post-release home show at THE BIRD’S NEST (in Deptford, London) on FRIDAY 5th DECEMBER!  With special guests in the form of the awesome “death n rollers” DEATH PEDALS, we’re looking forward to an awesome night at our favourite local venue with all sorts of things to celebrate!
Here’s a link to the FB event : Djevara @ The Bird’s Nest (FB)
The album is officially released next Monday on 24/11/2014… but if you’ve already picked up a pre-release copy on the road on CD or VINYL, let us know what you think – drop us a line via email or social media!  If not, remember you can order yours online at
Also… due to many requests, I’ve put the lyrics up online now too. You can see them here:!_lyrics.php
See you all soon!


On 24/11/2014 Djevara officially release the new album “VIVA! / PUNK IS NOT A SOUND”, and so where better to play our first homecoming show post-release than our favourite South London venue, The Bird’s Nest, the alternative, artistic and cultural captial of The Republic Of Deptford?

It’s gonna be insane. And not least because we’ll be joined by Death Pedals – who describe themselves as “death and roll”, which could only be more accurate if preceeded by the words “totally kick-ass”.  These fellas play riff-fuelled, high-energy pumping riffola which is just simply fantastic live. I can’t wait!


Facebook event :


Tonight: special live showcase onKILBURN TO KENSAL radio at THE FALCON in NORTH LONDON.


Presenter Andrew Hobbs and producer Howlin’ Anton Bleak return to Kilburn To Kensal radio with our most ambitious live show to date.

Djevara will be playing a full electric set at The Falcon in Queens Park which will be going out live on the radio as part of our show and if you’re in London you can be there!

Tickets are free but strictly limited and available from this link on a first come first served basis:

If you can’t make it to join us in the studio then you can of course listen online to our show from anywhere in the world as usual at which will feature all of our regulars including the latest cinema reviews from maverick filmmaker Nigel Doylerush, dramatic readings from legendary classical actor Hugh Hemmings, who will also be concluding his series of poems from the First World War, and a playlist bringing you the best new music and classic rock.

========’s show today ( stream it online) has excellent reporting on the huge problems in Mexico, for which the words “corrupt” or “horrific” are woefully inadequate.  I urge everyone to watch it and take an interest and put pressure on these governments and all Western governments to end this disastrous “drug war”.  We’ll be playing new track “MEXICO” – dedicated to the families of the missing 43 students, and those of all the people from the un-marked graves they are discovering daily.

LONDON : INCOMING! (Winter 2014)

Couple of special events comin’ right at ya back in London town:
13/11/14 – special radio showcase with K2K Radio at South Kilburn Studios.  We’ll be playing tracks from the new album as a 4-piece. Limited numbers so you can register via the ‘eventbrite’ link below.

05/12/14 – back at our favourite locale, The Birds Nest.  We’ve a new a record and we’re planning on kicking out the jams, South London-style.  It’s Friday night, let’s party…!

Check out the tour event for more upcoming stuff here:



We just got back from playing the launch party for our new album “VIVA!”/”PUNK IS NOT A SOUND”, right here at home in South London, Djevara’s 706th live appearance and probably one of the best shows we’ve ever had in our home city.  We played the new album in it’s entirety (“secret” bonus material excepted), with all four of “Team Djev’ 2014″, for what may be the last time ever.  We were fund-raising for victims and survivors of the appalling conflicts in Gaza and Syria.  It was Malc’s birthday.  Most of our closest and most important friends were there to celebrate with us (from all over the world, including as Czech Republic), and the atmosphere was truly incredible.  As a band, we really can’t imagine how it could have gone better.  To say it was a special night for us would be such a crazy understatement that it feels dishonest.  It was the perfect night in which to present our shiny new work – the ideal launch.  It’ll now be on sale at all our shows from now on.  However, it’s not officially released until November…

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with Malc.  We have many debates and discussions (and, ok, arguments, let’s call spades spades) which often meander accidentally into the no-mans-land between philosophy, pragmatism, hyberbole and actual out-and-out bullshit.  At this time, I was complaining about some of the accompanying admin that goes along with something as ostensively exciting as putting out your new album. The subject of my ire? The “review process”.  You/your label/your “press people” send out (free!) promo copies to all sorts of places in the hope that the coverage will alert people to presence of your “art”, and even help convince some people to purchase it and get into it.  The problem is – I hate the process.  “A necessary evil?”, Malc offered.  “Hmmm… this exaggerates it – it’s more like a useful unpleasantness”, I responded.

My fundamental nature just finds it most disagreeable that a layer of self-appointed “taste makers” act as gatekeepers and determine what is and is not worth seeing or being listened to, and these evaluations are made on a whim by people who often have little time and almost no motivation for getting an emotional involvement or sympathetic ear to that which they are supposed to “review”. I very much doubt that most reviewers give more than one listen to a record they didn’t get into the first time round (disc #17 while they were washing up, between the aggro pop record from X and the bouncing underground hip-hop of Y on #19).  The funny thing is, it’s not even bitterness – we’ve traditionally received quite good reviews of such type, quite despite my obvious disdain (but don’t get me wrong, everyone likes praise and due credit or appreciation, even us British).  I even had experience of doing it briefly myself at a student paper in university, and it was a soul-destroying experience that certainly did not make me love music more.  The problem is- it works. These press outlets (even D.I.Y. underground ones) have access to audiences and people who may genuinely be interested in what you make or create and yet be destined never find you in any other way.  I found so many amazing artists myself through this exact process.  I can’t ostracize us, or bite off my hand to feed my face.  So, ok, we’ll do the review process.  But!  We’ll do it our way.  My real belief is that all reviews should be done by fans.  People who actually care about the art they’re reviewing and have the patience to try and draw out from it what they can, who can engage with it, know and understand where it’s coming from, have seen it grow… and truly appreciate what it is communicating with a sympathetic ear.  By conrast – the idea that someone in about 20minutes evaluates and “scores” something you’ve spent the last few years producing is just plain infuriating at times.  Contrary to what one may think, the former certainly doesn’t mean that all reviews such reviews would be good (visit any “fan forum” site of any band for evidence), but at least they would be “true” to an extent that their ‘published’ cousins often”anonymous” reviews can never truly be.

So: the decision’s been to ‘launch’ our album to our fans direct effective immediately, and to make it available at all shows in physical form, and to INVITE our fans to review it and send us their reviews.  And then (or actually, in parallel) we’ll go through the official “review” process up to our official international online release in November, and we’ll be able to compare and contrast the too.  I’m sure it’ll be interesting reading.

So, if you purchase or have purchased a copy of the new album “VIVA!”/”PUNK IS NOT A SOUND”, and if you are so inclined, we herby invite you to send us in a review, and we’ll share our favourites.  We’re interested in your honest reaction to what we’ve made.  They can be long essays, they can be short statements.  Heck, send a picture in if that’s what you feel.  Send them in to the usual email address (or  Looking forward to hearing from you…


ps Just gotta say again – genuinely from the bottom of our hearts (on fire), we’d like to thank everyone who came and made our launch so amazingly special.  I can’t say how touched we all were sharing this with you and receiving so much energy and positivity back. It was even better than Malcfest. Amazing. Love you all!


ONE WEEK TO GO! Here’s a taster…
With special thanks to our one and only Flo-die – we ya, man!



SO! It’s time!  Djevara have a new album out very imminently and we’ll out hitting the tarmac very soon all over Europe and the UK to kick out the jams.

Come see us… :

19/09 – BRIGHTON (UK) @ The Northern Lights

26/09 – ? @ CAEN (FRANCE) *TBC*
27/09 – LUXEMBOURG CITY (LUX) @ Rocas
29/09 – (nr) NANTES (FRANCE) @ Le Zad
30/09 – TBC *GET IN TOUCH *
01/10 – DAVOS (SWITZERLAND) Wallhalla Bar
02/10 – SEREGNO/MILAN (ITALY) @ Honky Tonky
03/10 – COLOGNE (GERMANY) @ AZ (Autonomes Zentrum)
04/10 – CHEMNITZ (GERMANY) @ Odradrek
06/10 – TBC *acoustic (Redux) – get in touch! *
07/10 – TBC *acoustic (Redux) – get in touch! *
08/10 – TBC *acoustic (Redux) – get in touch! *
09/10 – LUXEMBOURG (LUX) @ Rocas TBC *acoustic (Redux) *
10/10 – PRAGUE (CZECH REPUBLIC) @ Modrá Vopice
11/10 – BERLIN (GERMANY) @ Tiefgrund
12/10 – TBC *GET IN TOUCH *
13/10 – TBC *GET IN TOUCH *
14/10 – TBC *GET IN TOUCH *
15/10 – TBC *GET IN TOUCH *
16/10 – AACHEN (GERMANY) @ The Wild Rover Irish Pub
17/10 – FREIBURG (GERMANY) @ KTS Freiburg
18/10 – ZNOJMO (CZECH REPUBLIC) @ Gogo Club
20/10 – VIENNA (AUSTRIA) @ Arena Beisl
21/10 – OLOMOUC (CZECH REPUBLIC) @ Ponorka
22/10 – OPAVA (CZECH REPUBLIC) @ U Vočka
23/10 – POLNA (CZECH REPUBLIC) @ U Beranu (TBC)
25/10 – VELENJE (SLOVENIA) @ Klub eMCe plac
01/11 – BRISTOL (UK) @ The Red Lion
(more UK dates to be confirmed soon)

Get in touch if you can help us fill the blanks.

The Facebook event for the tour is up at :

We also need your help to promote this release and these shows: anything you can do from putting up posters to telling your friends to announcing on your local radio would be awesome and much appreciated.  We don’t want to pay ad-men and pluggers to do what should happen naturally from the ground up, from real fans and supporters.  Let’s build a noise.

Thanks as always for your support.
Anté & The Djevara Boys


Our new album “VIVA!”/”PUNK IS NOT A SOUND” is in production at the pressing plant as I write this. I wanted publically to thank and ‘BIG UP’ the two people outside the band who’ve worked the hardest to help us get it there : Dave Hollingworth, producer extraordinaire at The Cove Music, and Yatsch (of “Yatsch Graphics”, also of “Sound Grape Collective”). Both have gone well beyond the measure to try and help us make the best record we could. I think the results will speak for themselves.

The Cove Music is a fantastic, custom-built studio in Brighton which easily matches the quality of top studios which cost far more. Dave works tirelessly and enthusiastically, equipped with experience-honed engineering knowledge and musical know-how to get results which are always nothing short of excellent. Does this read like an advert? Well, it should – I’ve no hesitation in recommending Dave and the guys there for anything sonic-wise – they work tirelessly, seriously know their shit, and will not accept sub-standard results. This is what you want when you’ve invested everything you have, your very heart and soul, into your art. I can’t imagine getting a better result or being happier on anything near this budget anywhere else, and this is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, the best-sounding record we’ve ever produced.

YATSCH GRAPHICS – professionalism, great technical skill, dedication, oodles of patience and a tireless perfectionism; essential qualities needed to convert the mass of ideas and sources and craziness in my head and get the constantly evolving artistic vision down into something that actually works on paper. Thanks especially to Yatsch for resisting the urge to have me gunned down in cold blood whenever I started another online conversation with, “I’ve had another idea!!!”

Thank you so much, guys! Mighty Djevara will be forever grateful (though hopefully not forever in your debt… heh!)

^Anté & The Djevara Crew

PUNK IS NOT A SOUND (coming soon)

London (and the world) stands up for Gaza

Gaza protests London 26/07/14

London stands up for Gaza

Proud of London today: Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, “black” people, “white” people, young people, old people – there were thousands of us there united in and by a common humanity and demanding the end to the slaughter of hundreds of innocent people and the destruction of thousands of their homes, an illegal occupation, siege and inhumane blockade, and demanding the UK government *immediately* change it’s shameful policy of supporting and justifying it, even as we went over the 1000 mark of people killed in this latest wave of aggression. We marched, we talked, we listened, we debated, we sang, we danced… and we demanded change. This was and is being replicated in cities across the globe. The campaign against Isreali-style Apartheid, and it’s accompanying racist, brutal militarism, is here to stay… and it’s only going to get louder.


ps if you’re wondering what you can do, or what difference you/we can make, recall the original anti-Apartheid movement which eventually helped to make what seemed like impossible changes in South Africa (shamefully, UK government was on the wrong side of history once more).  This time round, one place you may start is by supporting the boycott and divestment campaigns:
pps I was talking to a guy the other day who pointed out that my band may lose fans if I made some overt “political statements”.  I realized that he had absolutely no understanding of why some of us make music.  I don’t WANT or NEED any racist fans who think the obliteration of hundreds of children is acceptable, no matter what the (perceived) provocation.  I’m simply not going to shut my mouth about some of the most important events in the world simply to safeguard the number of “LIKE”s on a web-page.  So: don’t be afraid to be unpopular.  Stand up for what you believe in.  Shout it from the stage, from the rooftops, from the mountains.  Even if you’re the only one.

Jon Snow, returning from Gaza (July 2014)